I'm JoomyA nickname for Cumhur, [d͡ʒumhuɾ] in Turkish IPA,
"joom hoor" in English approximation.
I prefer Joomy unless you speak Turkish.
Korkut, an aspiring academic who is interested in programming language theory and linguistics. My CV is here.

I am currently a PhD student at Princeton University, advised by Andrew W. Appel. My academic web page is here.

Before this, I was an undergrad and then a master's student at Wesleyan University, advised by Dan Licata. For my master's research, I extended the editor features of Idris, a dependently typed language and proof assistant, through metaprogramming. My goal was to produce a system in which one can use Idris metaprograms in the editor to write Idris code more easily, and even automatically. Here's a screencast that shows how it works and here is my thesis.

In my free time, I play the accordion and fretless bass, occasionally recite and translate poetry, and sing a bit. Oh, and the Wesleyan newspaper interviewed me once.

You can reach me at joomy@cs.princeton.edu, but I'll probably reply much faster on Twitter.

Recent blog posts

After ICFP 2018
Posted on September 30, 2018, by joomy, in: conference, pl, haskell, idris
I spent a week at the main functional programming conference and got to talk to my heroes, so here are some reflections.

The diacritic omission phenomenon
Posted on November 18, 2017, by joomy, in: language, turkish
Omitting the diacritics is a common phenomenon in languages such as Turkish and Serbo-Croatian. Then why isn't there any research on this?

Scoped implicit conversions for Idris
Posted on November 14, 2017, by joomy, in: idris, proposal
The Idris community is not so fond of implicit conversions, I think they're a useful and powerful tool that are easy to misuse. Here's an idea to fix them.

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