About me

Hey, I'm Joomy. I'm a computer science master's student at Wesleyan University, a [Haskell, JavaScript, Vim, linguistics, Turkish politics, programming language theory, poetry translation] enthusiast, and an aspiring academic.

I'm a supporter and a contributor of free software and open source.

Recent blog posts

Switching to Kinesis Advantage
Posted on August 10, 2017, by joom, in: keyboard, mac, vim
My new keyboard and related workflow changes

Starting a Haskell student forum at Wesleyan
Posted on June 1, 2015, by joom, in: haskell, wesleyan, teaching
I will be giving lectures on Functional Programming in Haskell next semester.

Language immersion for linguistic freaks
Posted on May 4, 2015, by joom, in: language
My reflection on how I felt when I was adapting to an English-speaking environment.

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