Hakyll seems awesome
Posted on November 22, 2014, by joomy, in: meta, haskell

I guess I never had a blog that I regularly kept writing, and I doubt this will ever be that, but I needed a place to keep my writings. Otherwise I was just going to use GitHub repositories for any kind of text, which is not much fun.

Well, there is a fun part of it: Markdown is awesome. Since I needed a blog system that used Markdown, I looked into Jekyll and Hakyll. Even though Jekyll was simpler to configure, I was beaten by my Haskell pride, which is why I spent a couple of hours trying to configure this blog in a way that I want. I’m pleased with the result I got.

It’s time to show off the features of my configuration. I’m currently using Disqus for comments and Google Analytics to see how many people are visiting. If I write, this will be a programming blog, so it’s nice to have the syntax highlighting features like this:

main :: IO ()
main = getLine >>= putStrLn

Thanks Pandoc! I can also use \(\LaTeX\), with the help of MathJax:

\[ \mathbb{M}_P = T_P(\emptyset) \cup (T_P)^2(\emptyset) \cup (T_P)^3(\emptyset) \cup (T_P)^4(\emptyset) \]

Sweet. Now, let’s hope I’ll have the time and patience to write an actual blog post.

The blog source code is available here.